Details of Approved Security Guard Training Courses:

Blackhawk Security School is Licensed by the NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training Certificate -
The 8-hour pre-assignment training certificate and fingerprints are the minimum requirement to apply for a security guard license in New York State. This Security Guard training course presents an overview of the duties and responsibilities of a Security Guard, under NY State law. The certificate is earned by passing a twenty five (25) Question test at the end of the class.

This 8-hour Pre-Assignment certificate must be kept as permanent record of your completion of the course. Under NYS law, you must produce the original 8-hour Pre-Assignment certificate upon the request of an employer.

The 8 Hour pre-assignment course is completed only once during your career as a Security Guard in New York State. To obtain a NY State Security Guard license you must send an application, Electronic Fingerprint Receipt, original 8 Hour Pre-assignment and a money order to NYS Division of Licensing Services.

16-Hour On-The-Job Training (O.J.T.) Certificate
Within the first 90 days of working as a security guard, New York State law requires completion of the 16-hour O.J.T. The O.J.T. consists of two 8-hour classroom days.
A twenty five (25) question test is given at the completion of the 16 Hour course. The 16 Hour O.J.T training is completed only once and the certificate must be kept as a permanent record. A copy of the 16 Hour Certificate must be given to your employer.. Even though the 16 Hour OJT is required within 90 days, it can be taken immediately after the 8 Hour Pre- Assignment. You do not have to wait 90 days. This 16 Hour Course is conducted at the Security Guard Training School.

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8-Hour Annual In-Service
An 8-hour annual in-service class is required each calendar year once you start working as a security Guard. 8 Hour Annual-In service training certificate is required by New York State law to maintain your NYS Security Guard License.

NYS Security Guard License
Upon completion of the 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Course you must apply for a New York State Security Guard License. We will provide all students with an application package which is to be mailed to Albany, NYS Division of Licensing Services
All Security Guards must pay a fee to New York State Department of State for their Security Guard License. A security guard cannot work with an expired license.

Tel: 718-684-8943 / 718-618-7560 / 718-877-6040. Please call Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm

Please note: All students must bring a black ink pen, pencil, state or government picture ID and a note pad.

Please Note: You must be Electronically Fingerprinted with the Live Scan Machine before mailing out your Security Guard Application.